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Mushroom Log cultivation

I was wanting to incorporate a log seeded with a tropical type oyster mushroom out of reach from land roaming type pdf. Is this feasible? :?:

Are you going to be using the mushrooms for human consumption?


Yes. Since non-wild caught pdf are non-poisonous due to diet, there should be no issue. I wanted to also keep the logs out of reach of the pdfs and keep only terrain roaming pfds.

Also, oyster mushrooms must be completely cooked prior to consumption. Mostly I was thinking of this since moisture/heat requirements for the mushroom is the same to keep pfd. Just wondering if the spores would irritate the froggies.

Mushrooms won't bother the frogs. Most people get mushrooms popping up in their tanks from time to time, usually not gourmet mushrooms though.

Some background information, I have in the past grown quite a few Orchids (mostly special orchids) and have even sucessfully grew a chocolate tree indoors (interesting plant btw).

As long as there is good air circulation, most tropical aboral orchids love all the extra humidity found in an enclosure.

Oyster mushrooms (as long as they are properly inoculated in a log that is not infested with other stuff) are rather aggressive in colonizing, so there should be no issue with 'volunteers' once the culture (log) is slightly established.

One thing I will have to be careful about is when the log is fruiting, to keep ff's away from them, since fruiting body of edible mushrooms are an ideal substrate for ff cultivation in the wild... gotta keep your peepers on them pesky little varmints (pdf food)

I had a concern in regards to human consumables, are potential frog pathogen and medicines difficult to remove from consumables raised in an enclosure with regular washing and cooking?

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