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Wanted: Frog Mentor in Houston, Texas Area

Wanting mentor to discuss frogs, their upkeep, habitat, etc.

We are located in Dallas, about 250 north of Houston. We would be glad to help you any way we can. We do get to Houston periodically as I have family there, and ETHS has their expo that we attend each year in Sept.

Woot! I will have to bring over some cookies or something. This should be fun Big Grin

We look forward to meeting you.
Do you have an idea what part of town you will locate in?

Not yet. Will be moving there in a couple of weeks, relocating from San Diego, California. Currently looking at apartments.


Thank you for the warm Texas sized welcome and all the feedback to my other posts. Smile
I also joined the yahoo group that is in your tagline and viewed your website. Wonderful business site Big Grin
I believe this is a start of a beautiful relationship ^.^

Houston is a fun town, it has a lot to offer. There are a few froggers there, we will have to plan a get together!

theres a few of us here in Houston. Not many though considering how large this city's population is.


We definitely should have a meet-up somewhere, so we can talk frogs! Big Grin

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