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California blackworm as tadpole suppliment

Has anyone tried using California Bloodworms as a supplement for their growing tads?

These are an aquatic worm that grows on detreius, rather easy to cultivate and used to feed fish fry.

Some breeders have fed bloodworms to tadpoles with mixed results. Bloodworms will quickly foul the water.
Most people opt for a high quality fish food.

I guess, I might have to do a small study to see how quickly they foul the water up per volume... another experiment! yay! I think my boyfriend is going to kill me but oh well... lol

I agree, from everything I have read up on amphibians, they are extraordinarily sensitive to any impurities so we gotta be careful.

I think I need to find out how quickly (most likely a battery of experiments) they foul up the water, most likely also by temperature/ volume/ food... forgetting anything else I should look at?

Obviously this project will be on the back burner for a bit.

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