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A cheap DIY rain system

made a rain system in my viv a few days ago. its simple and it works well. better then expected actually.

[Image: raining.jpg]

all it is is a simple pond pump pushing water threw two garden sprinklers attached to the top of the tank. thought i'd need a large pump but the single 12ft head 250GPM pond pump i have already has no trouble pushing water to both. also didn't even have to adjust the valves to direct the water to the the further sprinkler. despite how it looks in the above pic, the water actually covers nearly all the plants and landscape due to it splashing off the taller plants and logs.

[Image: rainsprinkler.jpg]
[Image: rainsprinklers.jpg]

approximate costs:
2x round garden sprinklers - less then 5 bucks
15ft section of hose (for this viv anyway) - less then 10 bucks
splitter and hose ends so it could be screwed together - less then 10 bucks
250gpm 12ft head pump - think it was around 25 dollars (a smaller rain system would need a much smaller pump though)

having it all work perfectly fine without a single issue or other problem the first time you set it up and turn it on....erm...unexpected Tongue

Very interesting!

Looks very nice. I hope you don't mind me borrowing yet another idea.

Very innovative. Do you have a drainage system on the tank?

theres a false bottom with a 2" bulkhead and pvc pipes leading to a 40 gallon reservoir below it.

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