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frogs,cross bred?

ok, when i first started in i did a lot of research,books online ect. i bought some frogs from black jungle @2 different reptile shows. blu/green sip tincts. i was told they were the same frogs just different colors,that they came out that way.i have heard this before. meaning 2 greens and you might get a blue.i have read some different things now, i should ad this was like 4yrs ago.
heres the thing i got 1 frog i raised from a tad, he was blue and as he grew he went more towards the green but he has totally different markings,no small spots. he's got big spots and there conected, does that sound normal or did i make a franken frog? i'll try to get some pics. 1 of my breeders died so i dont remeber if he had big spots and it's just cause the 2 had different markings or is there a diff. between the blue and green sip,ticts. he looks cool just dont wanna cross breed,morph.

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