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Some Dendrobates Leucomelas questions
My terrarium is 36"L x 18"W x 36"H

Humidity = 95%

Temperature = 70-80 F

Lots of hiding places. CPU fan blowing in for air circulation.

I plan on getting some Leucs soon (2 months out of water), but I have a few questions:

1. How many could I put in my terrarium safely, could I just put a few in there and if they breed then leave them alone or is there a point when I should start taking some out ?

2. The only frog that I am going to put in there is Leucs, but what other animals (if any) would be good in there, ie: day gecko's, stick bugs ...
4-5 leucs could be housed in that size set up.

If they breed, and you choose to leave the eggs for the parents to care for, you will need to pull some of the babies to prevent overcrowding.

Stick to the dart frogs, don't try to mix anythng else in the tank.

Any pictures of your tank?
Can I put the (2 month out of water) Leucos straight in the terrarium or should I put them in a smaller tank first?

* Keep in mind that I know the breeder so health is not an issue.

[Image: 2-1-08.jpg][/img]
[Image: 2-1-08diagram.jpg]

1. * awaiting Cissus discolor*
2. Anthurium scandens
3. Aralia
4. Peperomia
5. Neo. Chiquita Linda
6. Calathea ornate
7. Calathea Corona
8. * just an empty pot for now*
9. Peperomia
10. Neo. Fireball
11. Neo. Angelface x Midget
12. Neo. Superball
13. Heart Fern
14. Peperomia quadrangularis
15. Ficus pumila var. quercifolia - Oak Leaf Creeping Fig
16. Spathiphyllum 'Chris'
17. Orchid (Lctna. might titan 'parkside')
18. Dracaeana
2 months is still pretty small. I would be inclined to start them out in something a little smaller, simply to be sure they are eating, and monitor their development.
If you must put them in the large tank, I would suggest when you feed to place a small container (petri dish, bottle cap, etc) of fruit baby food, in the tank where they can easily find it. This will attract the fruit flys to one location so the leucs do not have to look as hard for their meal.

I noticed you have the analog type gauges. You might consider getting a good quality digital temp/humidity gauge, as the analog gauges are terribly inaccurate.

Nice looking tank, lots of interesting plants.
I like your set up. I see you have the mighty titan orchid from parkside that there dog that has passed was named after. Great place to deal with and great plants for I am lucky to live down the road from them.

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