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How do you feed out Fruit Flies ?

I've been feeding my frogs fruit flies for a long time, but I'm not very happy with my system. No matter what I do, some will get away and pretty soon I have them all over the place.

So... what's your method for feeding without loosing flies?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Are you having trouble with the flys once you place them in the tank, or getting them from the culturing container to the tank?


Getting them into the tank seems to be a hassle. I'm wondering if anyone has any good techniques. How a bout a continuous feeding system. I was thinking of putting a tube going from the culture to the tank. Mybe they would crawl up and drop into the tank?

But then i wouldn't be able to powder the flies.

I guess I just have to be careful about not loosing flies.

We usually place the amount of flys we are going to feed, in a plastic bag along with the vitamins & calcium powder, tie the bag to close it, shake the bag to coat the flys, then we place the bag in the refridgerator for 5 minutes or so. This will slow the flys down enough so they are easier to work with. You will need to move quickly as it doesn't take the flys long to warm and become active again.

Nice looking tank. What frogs do you have in there?

Ah, yes, stick them in the fridge. Sounds like a good idea Cindy Dicken.

I have 3 Brazilan Yellow-head Tincts in there. They eat a lot!

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