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A sign of Egg laying ?
is this an early sign of egg laying

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Unfortunately, no. I have many frogs that do this and haven't spawned yet.
aah wishful thinking Smile i guess
I don't have any Auratus, but I think they prefer to lay on flatter leaves, not so much broms. Usually the Thumbs stick to broms.
I would agree with David.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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they dont lay them in the water?
Nope, Dartfrogs lay their eggs in moist areas, not in water persay. Also Auratus do lay their eggs on flat leaves rather than bromiliads, the Auratus in the picture looked like he was getting comfortable to go to sleep in the bromiliad. I have mints, and Lucs that do that also.


P.S. just give it time, they will spawn
will auratus hatch them and take them to the water or do i have to remove them.
They will carry them to the water themselves, or you can remove them, its up to you. I remove mine as i don't have many water features in that pairs tank, also i feel i can watch their development closer to see how they are doing. So ultimately its up to you.

The parent may transport the tads to water, but they will not feed them. If you want to raise the tads, you should pull them and raise them yourself.

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I've had my auratus lay on a brom leaf before. In fact, it was the first time they laid. Ever since they'll either lay in the coco-hut or find a leaf to lay them on.

The first time that they laid, after they cleaned off the area, the male left when she started laying. When she was done, the female got up and went to the male and led him back to the lay site and he then fertilized them.

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