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Hi, new to the forum and interested in dart frogs!
Hi, i have been doing a bit of research on dart frogs for a cpl days now after seeing some at a pet store lol. I guess once i saw them i was like oooo i need to check it out lol. well after checking it out i'm getting more and more interested in housing a cpl Smile

i do have 1 question tho...i was looking at this cage and was wondering if this would be a good thing to start with...

and i was looking into creating a false bottom and not sure exactly what that consist of, seems like gravel then screening on the higher mound of gravel for your flooring, thus creating a small pond like this correct?
yes, that is a good tank to house any kind of small tree frog. im looking into getting one for my two grey tree frogs. not sure about the false bottom ur talking about though so someone else can hopefully help you out with that one.
I just saw these housings today when I was visiting local pet stores and was wondering the same thing. Thanks.

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