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pretty new to darts, couple questions

Hello. Im new to this forum but not to keeping herps. I have currently two male grey tree frogs that i saved out of my neighbors pool filter. they reside in a ten gallon tank and im looking into getting black and green dart frogs. i work at a pet store and my birthday is tomorrow so im going to have anything i want at my fingertips. i have been doing some research and i really think that i can fully care for them. where do i start?
i was looking at a 18x18x24 exo terra tank with front doors and a full screen lid. is this a big enough tank for 2 black and green darts?

That size tank would be good for a couple of auratus.

Be sure that you have a food supply (either someplace to buy fruit flies, or start culturing your own) before you get the frogs.

I work at a pet store and we feed them pinhead crickets - is that okay to be feeding them ? What is so great about fruit flies ? Ive been hearing a lot about them lately. Are they nutritionally superior to crickets, or are they just easier for the frogs to eat ?

munchi Wrote:well i work at a pet store ans we feed them pinhead crickets. is that okay to be feeding them? what is so great about flies? ive been hearing alot about them lately. are they better nutritionally or are they just easier to eat for the frogs?

pinheads are fine, but they need to be only a day or two old is the problem or your frogs wont touch them. ff's are easy to culture, easy to dust and cost alot less that pinheads. but if you have true pinheads wich are the same size/smaller than ff's go for it.

okay thanks. just a couple more questions, how do i tell if they are male/female and will the breed in a well kept tank? also i was wondering what their temp/humidity need to be? i plan on getting an exo terra 18x18x18 or and 18x18x24 viv but im not sure where to start, like substrate and safe plants i cant add.

how many pin heads? and how may ff? would you feed 4- D.luecomelas in a 29g.Just setting up the tank for them now,just curious how much and how often?

I would be careful about feeding crickets. Crickets can carry some 'nasties' that can be passed on to the frogs. Also any uneaten crickets can hide in the tank and grow to a size that can be problematic.

How many fruit flys to feed will depend somewhat on if the frogs are juvis or adults. Juvis I would start out with 10 flys for each frog. If you notice there are still flys in their tank a few hours after feeding you might decrease the amount on the next feeding. If they consume all of the flys quickly, you might increase the amount on the next feeding. This is going to be something you will have to get a feel for as there is no set amount to feed the frogs. Juvis need to be fed everyday. If you have the time, two smaller feedings (one in the morning, one late afternoon or early evening) will work better than one large feeding.

how can i tell if my frogs are juveniles or adults? the ones im getting are about 1 1/4 -1 1/2 inches long. they are black and green auratus.

That is an adult size.
The breeder you are purchasing the frogs from should be able to tell you their age.

well its not a breeder, its my job, i work at a pet store. we get all of our animals from breeders but we've had these frogs a long time. like at least 2 months

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