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Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus' froglets for sale

i have here 2 azureus for sale. they are about 3-4months old and very active during the day. i cant keep them so im selling them. i got them from amazon center reptile. they are about an inch long. im selling them for 38 bux and you must pay for shipping. give me a zipcode so i will tell you how much shipping is. i will ship by usps overnight shipping. payment accepted by paypal only. if you have any question about it pm or email me at thanks let me know. if you want pictures pm or email me ill get them thanks. i will guarantee they will come in live or i will refund your money however shipping is not. local pick up is available and i will drive to you with a reasonable distance. you can also talk to me on AIM, my screen name is x1cupfreak5x.

hi do u still have the froglets may be interested.

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