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5 Vivaria and 13 frogs

Phyllobates terribilis orange 0.0.3

[Image: _DSC5132.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5131.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5130.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5136.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5133.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5144.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5143.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5178.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5180.jpg]

Leucomelas 0.0.4
[Image: _DSC5128.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5127.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5126.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5125.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5140.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5141.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5151.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5152.jpg]

Surinam Cobalt 1.1
[Image: _DSC5110.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5109.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5108.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5107.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5171.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5170.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5167.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5166.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5165.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5160.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5158.jpg]

Azureus Tank1 1.1

[Image: _DSC5118.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5115.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5150.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5147.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5146.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5138.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5137.jpg]

Azureus Tank2 1.1
[Image: _DSC5106.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5105.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5104.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5103.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5164.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5163.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5156.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5155.jpg]

very nice!! got to admit the more i look into these darts the more i fall in love.

Pretty nice tanks. And some great freaking shots!

Awesome pictures of some great tanks and frogs! Im barely seeing these for the first time now.. Thanks for sharing.


[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

WOW!!!! Awesome frogs, awesome tanks, awesome shots...what kind of lens were you using and what kind of camera? Were you using a macro lens?

One other question..what kind of background is that? I am just starting my tank and doing research so I am not too familiar with the different types of backgrounds. Is that the corkbark or is that foam or something else...whatever it is, I like it the most of all that I have seen.

The camera is a Nikon D2X with a Nikon 60mm macro lens and a macro flash system (R1C1) that has two small remote operated flashes, usually placed over the vivaria. The photos are not as crisp as I would like them to be but they are taken through the viv glass and it screws the image quality big time.

The background is always made up with some foam, usually around a central piece of wood and I usually put either pieces of bark or I cut the sides of a log and glue them to the foam. The foam has black silicone and coco where it's visible.

On the last vivarum I ran out of coco and used tree fern panels on the foam.

If you tell me which viv is the one you liked I can give you a little better info about it because I have done most of them a little diferent from the one done before.

The first picture.

Oh my husband is not going to like this hobby already..I can already tell a macro lens and lighting system is on my christmas list now.

Here's another photo of the same viv, this one is made out of two photos so has much more detail. As you can see in the photo, most of the background is covered by two large píeces of bark (very old pine tree that fell), the rest is foam with black silicone and coco.

If you still have other questions just let me know.

The macro lens is a must for these type of pictures, the macro flash is not so necesary but helps.

How did you treat the tree bark so you didn't get any infections in the viv?

I didn't treat it, just picked it up, left it out to dry and then glued it with foam to the back of the viv.

Awsome tanks, Beautiful frogs,. I hope Mine come out as nice!

vivs looks great.....i'd be worried though that u should have treated/disinfected bark before adding?? just a suggestion. beautiful shots and the darts look really nice. Smile

The terribilis tank has been up with frogs for 7 months now and still doing very well. Two of the five frogs are adult size although there is still no calling.

The azureus are courting and laying gel without any eggs, so both pairs are almost there.

The leucomelas are also starting to call, I now have one confirmed male, one female, one probable male and 3 unknown but good sized frogs.

The cobalts are still laying but the rate has decreased from the two clutches a week to one every week to two weeks. I believe I have 16 tads in the water, some are 2 months old but still haven't shown back legs. I think I have to increase the water temp (from 21°C) a bit to morph them faster. I did have a lot of tad casualties.

All the others are still far from adults.

do you have the azureus ...both pairs in same viv? if so, the other female could be eating the eggs. eggs hatch and are good at room temp around 72 degrees farenheit and so are tads in my opinion. no need to increase temps if it is around that range. some tads take longer to morph depending on the type of dart. Smile

Kristy, I have one azureus pair per 22 gallon tank, so I just guess the pair is barely starting with the laying thing.

The tads are cobalts, so they should morph at around 70 days, but mines will take longer as they are already 60 days old and still have no back legs.

My eggs are also taking longer than other peoples'. Mines come out of the egg at 18 to 23 days of incubation. Both the eggs and tads are kept at 70°F


in azures tank 2, what kind of moss is that growing on the large peice of log on the left half of the tank, it looks very nice like that.

VERY nice vivs, i like the leaf litter, they look very natural. Well done!

Beautiful tanks very natural.What are you using for lighting?

Not sure if you are asking me about lighting for the photograph or regular lighting for the viv.

For everyday light I'm using two T5's, I believe the 54W type or the ones that are 48" long.

As for the photos I'm using two small flashes (Nikon R1C1 macro flash system) and another large one (SB800).

beautiful shots anyhow.gorgeous vivs. how are the azureus doing? kristy Big Grin

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