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Looking for some Luecs???
I live in Nj and though there are many aquarum stores here there are no reptile stores that i know of.I was wondering if anyone knows of any shops that sell dart frogs.Im planning to go to the hamburg show in PA on march 29 to hopefully pck some up,if there are going to be any seller.Please advise.Thank you
you should have no problem finding what you want at the hamburg show. I got all mine either there or the all maryland show. i am in philly and both are about 80 miles. the all maryland expo is really small in comparison but is held about once a month. prices are generally the same either one. I picked up 3 leucs at the hamburg show a few months ago for a total of 80$
How is that show for frogs? I have been going to hamburg for some time now and have been seeing froggers fizzle out except a few. Thanks
i have a small luec, unsexed, about 3/4 of an inch. only problem is hes 70 bucks at the pet store i work at so i would want at least that back.
70?! yikes.

where in NJ do you live?
theres a pet shop about half an hour from me (and about an hour from Trenton) that often has various dart frogs.
i have seen leucs in it a few times for i think around $35.

there website is: . it has there street address and phone number on it.
store often has things not listed on the site, so would have to call and see if they had some.
upstate new york, and i know her prices are high, i paid 75 for a pair of ancon hill auratus. but its the only place local that i can find darts.
Thanks for all the info guys.Im definetely going to the show in Hamburg,Pa next sunday.Hopefully i can fine some Luecs or Aurantus there.Looking for around 3 or 4 frogs.what do you guys recommend for a 29g vivarium/dart setup?and if you add say 2 and add another 2 later will this be a problem?are they aggressive when it comes to new tankmates?Let me know if anyone is going to the show.Im gong with the wife and maybe Fam.Thanks

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