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feedback appreciated
well first off im really new to the world of frogs and terrariums, even though i always wanted to do a terrarium just never had space and my mom wouldnt let me. now im with my family (2 daughters and girlfriend). well over the past 2 weeks i made a small terrarium 10 gal tank, few live plants, artificial vines and plants, hiding spot, organic potting soil over a 1inche layer of stones for draining. i bought a book on terrariums and tree frogs and after 2 weeks and the plants did not die, and temp and humidity is great, i went with a red eye tree frog which i bought from petco. my question is i want to build a stand for the tank, as of now it sits on my kitchen counter. i was planning on building and entertainment center style stand with tv on top and components off to the side. but in the middle i would like to place my current tank and then make a spot for a 55 gallon im acquiring tonight and make that into a bigger terrarium (when i feel confident enough to setup a better one). im planning on doing that with a plexiglass front door so my kids cant hit or get at the actual setups. i was wondering if this was a good idea or will it be to stressful for the frog/frogs depending if i build another setup. any feed back will be deeply appreciated. sorry so long thank you

I think you are asking if the tank will OK in a high traffic, noisy area, like next to your TV in the living room. If this is what you are asking then the answer is probably yes, it would be OK.

My 40 gallon tank is in my bedroom, where we watch TV, etc. and this is not a problem. I have also read of people having tanks in their living room without any problems.

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