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mushrooms in dart terrariums

can anyone help me with non toxic mushrooms that can go with my darts??

Check this website it might help you

Hope it help you



So how it went wit the mushrooms ?! Any stoned frogs :lol:

any endo/ecto mix from any indoor gardening supply house will give you an almost guaranteed mycelial mat in the substrate. the mushrooms that pop out of these vary greatly, the most common i've seen are lepiotias, the species that always pops does happen to be poisonous, but are you worried about this for your frogs or for your sake? i only ask because mushroom toxicity risk should be a minimal concern to anybody who isn't randomly eating them, a quick hand wash after a bout with a death cap or a muscaria and you are just fine... anyway, down to earth and plant success are two RTU forms our shop sells, they have hundreds of innoculant types, and several will decide they like your environment... i'm putting them in just for the fact that i'm sure there has got to be some decay in substrate, this will help keep lots of soil condions in check...

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