Poll: Which Enclosure is better suited for Dart Frogs ? - You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Regular aquarium / fish tank ?
Exoterra viv ?
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Poll -Which Tank would be better for Dart Frogs ?

I currently have a 20 gallon long tank with hermit crabs in it but I'm getting rid of the hermit crabs. I'm getting a pair of green and black Dendrobates auratus and I'm also considering a 12x12x18 Exoterra viv. Which enclosure is better and easier to maintain for dart frogs?

The 20 long will provide adequate floor space, however when you do the false bottom you will use a lot of your height. This will limit your planting options for the tank.

The Exo-Terra size you are considering is actually pretty small. That size is used mostly for a grow-out tank.

You said that you worked at a pet shop, correct ? Why not purchase a 20gal high, instead of the Exo Terra. This will be a lot less money. The 20H will be a good size for a couple of D. auratus and will also allow for more landscaping possibilities.

I don't have much more space so thats why I was looking at the exo terras because they are cube-ish. So what are your thoughts on a ten gallon tank ? I have one with grey tree frogs in it right now, but they are going soon.

i've always used regular aquariums or home built enclosures for animals.

i'm not saying that exo-terras are bad (never used them), i just don't see the point in spending tons more money for something that i could do my self with a standard aquarium or from wood.

however, if i could get an exo-terra for free or close to free like i can usually get aquariums, yes, i would take it right away and use it when needed.

I got my Exoterra when they first came out at a show so the price was right. I had reg fish tanks long. high, breeder, and so on. I agree with you all that say making your own is best because you made it not some production line. I just don't have the time or space right now to do so. That being said in my opinion having front doors in the front makes working in the viv great. I do say that humidity control takes trial and error with the exo. I taped the front vents the glass cut for the top and around my fan and i don't have a problem. Again, just my opinion.

Thanks everyone. I decided on the 18x18x18 exo terra.

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