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my darts finally!

so i finally got my setup today. i have an 18x18x18 exo terra viv with minimal plants rite now. they have a coco hut and a plastic stump to hide in. here are some pics.
[Image: 020.jpg] the tank for tonight until i get my shipment of plants
[Image: 018.jpg] both frogs together. are they male and female?
[Image: 023.jpg]
froggie number 1
[Image: 025.jpg] froggie number 2

I know this is a really late post to this thread (I just found this forum about a week ago and am still looking at all the past threads) but Congrats on getting your frogs. Half of my stuff arrived today and I will be setting my tank up once the rest comes in.
I purchased the same waterfall and have a concern about how it is pieced together. There seems to be a space big enough for a frog to get through with a "well" (for lack of a better word) in that hole on the second level. I assume this well will hold water. If a frog got in there, he would not be able to get out. Does your waterfall have this hole/space as well?

Also, what is the hammock for?

well if you assemble the water fall just right they cannot get into it. plus if you offer many hiding places they wont look to hide inside the waterfall. my frogs only go into the shallow part on the bottom sides of the waterfall.
the hammock has got a small water portion. i though it was col but the never use it so it is now in my grey tree frogs home

beautiful frogs

thank you. i have a couple more.. they are in my gallery if you wanna check them out

cool frogs

thanks. i have 8 more... lol im addicted!

cool frogs

heres some pictures of the newest frogs, and the viv with more plants.

[Image: 009-1.jpg]
[Image: 029.jpg]
[Image: 028.jpg]

Im new to this hobby and have a question. Are those plants that everyone is putting in these tanks real or are the fake? :roll:

mine are real. they are pothos and very easy to keep. they are sturdy enough for the frogs to climb on too.

kinipela Wrote:Im new to this hobby and have a question. Are those plants that everyone is putting in these tanks real or are the fake? :roll:

Just keep in mind that these are not going to stay nice and small in your tank---the plants displayed in his tank are quickly going to outgrow it without pruning. My tastes run on the miniature plants side---tiny tropical orchids, ferns, etc., that grow slowly and allow more variety in your tank. I got many of mine from and from a local frogger, Mack. He is on the vendor list and will ship, provided he has plants for sale. You could ask him---his email is

Also, if you must buy plants from a local garden center, it's imperative that you wash them thoroughly with a bleach/vinegar/water solution before planting them in the tank. Wash the entire plant including the roots completely with plain distilled water, and finish with the cleaning solution.

Here is the recipe: 1 gallon of water, 2 oz. bleach and 2 oz. vinegar. Soak plant 3-15 minutes and rinse very well with distilled water before planting.

They are beautiful!

i dont see a need to rinse off completely with distilled water. Why not just rinse off the sanitizing solution with regular water? you'd have to have a lot of distilled water per say to rinse completely with distilled water. I think you are right about a bleach solution, but rinsing can be done with the faucet more easily i would think, but could be wrong.

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