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sex them please?
Does anyone know how to sex green and black auratus? here they are i bought them yesterday
[Image: 018.jpg]
This is an incredibly embarrassing question to ask but what in the world does BUMP mean? I have seen it so many times but have no idea what it means.
That is how people bring the thread back to the top of the list, in hopes of renewing interest.
Those look like some of the imports. Hard to tell sexes. I would try fattening them up (add variety to their diet). - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!
In my experience, the best way to sex D. auratus is to let them grow out for a few months. When comparing- the females are usually larger and more robust than the male. Males can also have wider front toepads than on their back toes. It seems to me auratus frogs mature fast, so often you will know you have a male by hearing them call. If you don't hear them call after a few months you probably have a female. They usually call in early morning or evening, right after lights go out or while it is still dim out.
okay thank you. its been about 2 months i have had them (i think) and i havent heard any calling yet but then again im never home in the early morning or early night. lol. i have however heard my blue auratus calling, and hes about 2 inches long.
Nice Auratus

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