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sexing auratus

can anyone help me?i think i got a pair but i am not sure.
[Image: 023.jpg]
the "female"?
[Image: 024.jpg]
the "male"?
also does anyone know what morph these guys are? thanks

They look like Ancon Hill Auratus to me.

Someone else will need to help with sexing.

"One interesting thing about these frogs is that the females have short bars in their pattern, along with the spots, but the males are only spotted ...

"Juveniles show a more typical auratus pattern, which gradually changes to the adult markings, so sexing will still not be possible until they approach maturity in most cases."

Looks like a pair. It's many months later - have you figured it out for sure?

unfortunately both died. they came from a pet store so i didnt expect them to live for very long anyways. im lucky they lived as long as they did. i do however have a breeding trio... but their eggs never make it past the first couple days.

as for the sexing by bars and spots that is incorrect.

I had a 2.2 group for a while and both males and females had bars and spots.

Quote:as for the sexing by bars and spots that is incorrect.

I've never owned these guys but I think it'd be awfully hard to sex simply on spot/bar patterns...seems that they would vary a bit much from frog to frog to be dependable.

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