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blue auratus?
so i caved at the store today and brought home one more dart. i think its an auratus blue. does anyone know how to sex them?
[Image: 010.jpg]
[Image: 005.jpg]
[Image: 011.jpg]
anyone? id really like to name "him" or "her"
How is your little blue doing? Do you find him to be as shy as they say they are?
hs doing very well. eating and calling. i only have him in a plastic shoebow since my tank isnt set up quite yet but he isnt very shy. he comes out of hiding when ff are sprinkled in and stays out until they are almost gone.
He's kool can't help with the sexing though sorry. Beautiful frog!
He looks like a really nice frog. Lots of good blue coloration. As for the sexing, if he is calling, I beleive that means he is a male. Enjoy your new frog.

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