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Cobalt Tinc - got eggs !
Well, some time ago I just couldn't find if I had a pair of Surinam Cobalts. I could see no courting, heard no calling and never found eggs. I pretty much decided the frogs had been sold to me because they just didn't breed and pretty much accepted it as a fact.

Old post:

Yesterday I went shopping for new plants and started adding a few plants to all my vivaria when I found on the front corner of the viv a group of 5 eggs. Couldn't believe it.

Very excited about the whole thing although I'm expecting the eggs to be infertile or to go bad since it's the first clutch.

[Image: _DSC5347.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5346.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5344.jpg]
that's great!
Depending on how long the eggs have been laid, they appear to look ok, but time will tell.

Keep us posted.
Eggs 48 hours after discovery

[Image: _DSC5362.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5363.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5364.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5362b.jpg]
Now they are starting to look questionable.

I must be lousy searching for eggs inside my cobalt vivarium. Just a few minutes ago I decided to move plants around a little and found a good surprise. Who knows but this is probably the first clutch of eggs out of the pair.

Have no clue how long this one has been incubating or how long before it is born. The other 4 eggs are all bad.

Funny how the "arms" stick out of the body, are these branchia?

The bad ones
[Image: _DSC5381.jpg]

The lone survivor
[Image: _DSC5378b.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5366.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5374b.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5376b.jpg]
Congrats Alex!
Do you not have a coco hut for them to lay under?

Yes those are the branchia, aka gills.
Thanks for the response Cindy.

Yes, they do have a coco hut with a glass petri dish. The eggs were laid on a leaf on the back of the coco hut, so when I checked the petri I didn't see a thing.

I didn't check it very often because I never saw any type of courting and didn't expect the eggs. I spend a good amount of time looking at the frogs in the morning when I mist and feed them.

How long do you think before that tadpole gets out of the egg?
Those are great photos of eggs! Thanks for sharing.

Estimate.. about 3 weeks for a tinc egg to hatch..

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
Unfortunately I'm heading out of town for the family easter vacations so I won't be able to see most of the development of the 5 eggs and how the single more developed tad pops out of the egg. Here are the photos taken this morning before heading out to the airport.

Eggs 4 days after discovery
[Image: _DSC5395.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5394.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5393.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5392.jpg]

Almost out
[Image: _DSC5390.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5384.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5383.jpg]
how long will you be gone?

Do you have someone to look after the eggs, to be sure they do not dry out?

I will be gone until the 24th, so I will miss most of the development on these eggs.

I did leave someone to take care of adding water to the eggs while I'm gone, but I do worry about the lonely tad. I just hope it does fine (survive) until I get back.

I'm also hoping to find another fresh batch of eggs inside the vivarium.

I will actually go back through Dallas, but it will only be a short connection time or I would go and visit you this time Cindy.

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