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Tank size questions
I have read and been told several conflicting things on the tank size requirements for dart frogs. I have read that a 20g will be fine for 2-3 frogs but was told by a local pet store that 20g is not at all sufficient to even house 2 frogs. He recommended a 90g at least. I would like to house 4-5 frogs if possible but if that is not a good idea then 2-3 is fine with me. I want to do what is best for the frogs and spend the money on what will be the right set up for them.

(Just the beginning of my 1001 questions)
Hi, welcome to the forum.
A good rule of thumb, is one frog per 10 gal size vivarium. As with everything else there will be exceptions.
Anytime you can give more space to the frogs that is always a plus.
A 20 gal would be great for 2 possibly 3 frogs, depending on which ones you choose.

Kind of sounds like someone wanted to sell a 90 gal tank.
While a 90 gallon tank would be great for a pair of any darts, I would say only about 1-5% of all the darts in captivity are kept in tanks 90 gallon or larger.

For the frogs that do well in groups it is nice to keep a minimum of 10 gallons per frog. Does that mean you will have terrible problems if you keep 3 in a 20 gallon tank? No, it is just a good rule of thumb.

Bigger is better if you can afford it, but to say you need at least 90 gallons for two darts is extreme.

I also try to avoid buying tanks at any petstore. You can always get a better deal on Craig's list, at garage sales, etc. Though there might be a little scrubbing involved this way, it usually costs less than half of what the pet store will charge for a tank. (Excluding the Petco $1/gallon sale that happens every once in a while.)

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