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Question about waterfalls vs. ponds

I have seen a lot of your pictures of your set-ups and noticed that a lot of you have ponds instead of the waterfalls (exo-terra waterfall types). Some have "natural" waterfalls that flow into the pond. What is your preference and why?

the exo terra waterfalls are great because they can easily hold a fogger and they come apart into 3 pieces, easy to clean.

Preference for most people is simply looks, though it could be influenced by the size of the tank as well.

I tend to like a natural looking small stream flowing to a little pond. But, I would not use up this much floor space in a small viv. I also like the look of water flowing almost straight down to a pond. This takes up less floor space.

I prefer small ponds for my frogs. Tthe reason is that a waterfall usually requires the use of a pump of some sort and pumps are problems, as far as I'm concerned. The Exo Terra waterfall is a good example. Unless the water level is kept constant there is the risk of it running dry, getting hot or electrocuting the frogs. What's more, frogs like to carry their tadpoles to water and it's no good to have them getting sucked up into a powerhead or the like. If you must use a pump an air pump or a grounded sumbmersible pump is best- always make sure the pump is grounded.

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