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How to Attach Plants to things in the viv ?
Can I get some suggestions on the best material to use so I can attach plants along the walls of the tank? I have seen photos and read the words corkbark and coca? Which is easier to attach plants to and where can I get some. I can't seem to find it on the on-line stores or I just am not looking in the right places.
Some of the materials for backgrounds, are corkbark, treefern panel, and the spray foam covered in coco fiber (aka coir). The corkbark and treefern panels are pretty straight forward, cut to fit and silicone in place. The spray foam is a little more involved, but you can achieve some nice effects with it. Basically the way it is done, you spray your foam on the back of the tank, and once it is finished expanding and fully cured, you then apply silicone and while the silicone is wet press coco fiber in to the silicone. After you have finished with the back ground and everything is throughly dry, then you can attach plants to the background by either toothpicks, floral wire, or floral staples. These items can also be used to attach plants to the corkbark and treefern panels also.
hey sorry to steal the post but i have a question to, cindy, when you put broms in cork or driftwood do the roots of the plant grow into the wood itself? and my background is that coco matting you can get at black jungle or joshs frogs. and i want to put broms. in the walls but how would i keep them in there? the fiber isnt really thick.
You can also use the great stuff foam and press corkbark into that. I found some corkbark flats at a local petstore, but I had to go to about 5 different stores. I think I found some at Petco. You might call around. I had no trouble attaching a bromeliad to the corkbark, because it is like a very thick bulletin board! It looks kind of like treebark. Look in the reptile section. Sometimes you can find good driftwood too. Don't get grapevine wood though. Fran
Thanks, i just ordered tree fern panel from joshs frogs so im gunna use thatt.

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