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On the right track?
So far I have purchased the following:
Tank 20"wide, 18" deep, and 24" tall....37 gallon
substrate - LECA, Eco Earth blocks, coconut bark
Heating unit - Exo Terra Heat Wave 16 watt (my house is 62 at night and 68 during the day in the winter..I would remove it in the summer)
Thermo/Humidity tester - R-Zilla Terrarium Thermometer-Hygrometer
Water supply - 4 chamber RO unit (for SW fishtank too), Exo -Terra medium waterfall
Decor - 2 coconut huts, "frog moss" that is suppose to come to life when wet, river rocks, and having leaves baked in the sun as we speak, watering bowl (very small bowl that looks like a tree stump), river rocks. Still need to get a feeding dish so they can find the food easy.

Frog supplies:
Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin
Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3
Duster cup

Reference book - Poison Dart Frogs by Amanda & Greg Sihler

First of all, I am definately open to suggestions on doing something different. My plan is to set the tank up when my order comes in, add plants (which I would love suggestions on the idiot proof beginner plants), figure out what kind of background I am going to do because I would like to do whatever is best for the frogs to utilize all of the tank, have that running for a while to see if that is good enough to maintain the temp/humidity, and to see if the plants will grow. All the while trying my hand at culturing fruit flies.

Now comes the frog questions:
I have an idea on which frogs I would like to have but have read conflicting statements on what is do-able so...I would like to have 1 Leucomelas (the yellow/black one), 1 azureus (the blue/black one), 1 blue phaze auratus, 1 green phaze auratus (the green/black one). Is this possible in one 37g tank? Also, once they are quarantined, is there an aclimation process? Is it best to get all frogs at one time or 1 or 2 at a time?

Are automatic misters or foggers worth it?

Any help, suggestions, words of advice are very much appreciated.

Best regards,
well everything looks good but your going to get bashed for wanting to mix species.

the foggers are a cool effect but they arent really all the great. mine burnt out and im not even sure how because they are supposed to shut off when the
water level gets to low.
munchi Wrote:well everything looks good but your going to get bashed for wanting to mix species.

That is the exact reason why I asked. I have read so much about yes you can, no you can't. I felt I would get the truth by the people who care for them instead of the people who sell them on websites and local stores.

I will keep it one type if that is the safest thing to do. Any suggestions as to which is best to start with?
Hi Candy,
Definately don't mix species.
62-68 is great for day/night temps, don't use the heater.
A food bowl is not needed. The frogs will find the food just fine.
I would not mess witht the fogger either.
Other than that you seem to be on the right track. Good luck. Leucs amke a very good starter frog. less skittish than many auratus.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion on which type to start with. They are all beautiful and I feel I would be happy with any of them.

As far as the aclimation process and how many to get at one time...any suggestions there? I am sure I will have many more questions once I attempt to culture fruit flies. Everyone's help is so much appreciated and it is a huge relief to find such a great forum.
well i bought two when i got mine, im really hoping they are a pair!! then about a week later i got another one. they are in quarantine right now because i want to make sure they are eating. i would start off with a pair, then wait to add more.
It would be best to introduce all of the frogs at the same time. Trying to add frogs at a later date can create some issues as the frogs will have established 'territories'.
One way around this is to remove the established frogs and re-arrange the tank, then introduce all at the same time.

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