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Are these good Viv Plants ?

So i got my order of plants in from took care of my order and gave me advice and great quality of service.My order came on time and all plants were packaged well.The plants were a bit small but they were in good condtion and healthy.I will need to add a few more plants but not to many as they obviously need to far this is my plant list in my 29g:
2 -Neo. Chiquita Linda
Neo. Zoe
2-Neo. 'Dartanion'
Syngonium rayii
Oak leaf creeping fig
Im thinking of some Pothos,jewel orchid,Anubias nana,and schefflera arboricola.Please advise if these are sutiable in my tank.
Substrate consist of drainage layer of aqurium gravel and leca,root layer is cocofiber and orchid bark and then spagnum on top.Light consist of 2x65w p.cs 10,000k but switching to 6700k on Sat.Please advise

Sounds like Cindy took great care of you! You are off to a good start with the plants you listed. I am a big fan of Jewel Orchids and have them in a couple of my tanks, but I would stay away from the pothos. It is an extremely hardy and fast growing vining plant that can take over the viv if not pruned regularly. I use pothos in my temporary and quarantine tanks. The broms will grow into your tank and eventually will pup some offspring! Who is going to inhabit this vivarium?

Im planting to keep 2 or 3 luecomelas or black and green aurantus.Im gong to the show in Hamburg,Pa march 29 hopefully to find some there.Tank looks great just got my 6700k pc bulbs in yesterday and added some anubia nana last night but it seems if the leaves shriveled up last nigth a bit even though substrated is moist nd misted last nght,is ths common?Is it adjustng to the new enviornment?

If the anubia was grown aquatically, it will need to 'adjust' to being grown terrestrially. It will possibly loose most if not all of it's foliage, but new growth will emerge. Don't give up.

I got some anubia nana on saturday.Some leaves are starting to shriveled
up a bit but only a few leaves.I hope it will do well in the long run.Thanks for the info cindy and all.All other plants are doing well,knock on wood.

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