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Yet another question...this time about starter frogs
I would like suggestions on good beginner frogs. My favorite are the Azureus but understand that I can't have more than 2 together because of aggression and that it is best to make sure those 2 are male/female.

I would be happy with the Auratus because I could have 4 (correct?) in the tank. If it is safe to have 4, can I have 2 green/black and 2 blue/black? If 4 is too many then is 3 ok? Is it harder to find the blue/black phaze?

One other choice would be the Leucomelas. Can I have more than 2 of these together? If I can have more than 2 together is 3 or 4 ok?
hmmmm well i have heard that Azureus do better in male/female pairs.
auratus are okay in groups of 3 or 4 and luecs are really good in groups.

i have 2 green and black auratus and a blue black auratus right now. they are doing well and there is no fighting over anything. as long as you have enough food and hides you should be fine with a group of 4.
I think Auratus are the way to go...maybe later a second tank will be set up for a pair of Azureus.

Is there a way to discourage mating in a captive environment. I don't want a green/black and a blue/black Auratus mating.
get all males. that is the only way to be 100 percent sure of not offspring.

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