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Time to get started
All of my supplies will be delivered this week and I will begin setting up my tank. Please forgive me ahead of time for all my questions but I do appreciate the goes.

Dark grey or black foam: the dark colored foam that everyone uses has been very elusive here in Atlanta. Did you get your foam from a local hardware store or order it on-line. Who is the maker? Can I put down the foam and then lay cork bark on the foam while it is setting or is the use of aquarium silicone required?
I've always used the regular great stuff foam and prefer it because when used with the black silicone I can see any spots that I've missed.
Where do I get it?
Great Stuff will work.
We prefer to use Touch-n-Foam , or Becketts Waterfall and Pond Foam.
Becketts is available at Home Dpeot in the outside garden dept with the pond supplies. Touch-n-Foam is found locally at Ace Hardware stores.
Both are grey color and set up quicker.
Thank you so much Cindy. I am going to Home Depot for some supplies today and will pick some foam up.

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