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so... i changed my mind...
so about 3 weeks ago i first set up my tank. i did not do the false bottom because i figured i would save money. well it didnt work out that way. i ended up with 3 inches of mud in the bottom of my tank because my brother was filling up the waterfall too much. now i am considering the false bottom. so far i have ordered the leca from black jungle and im working on getting the wire mesh. the only question i have with the mesh is that its metal, so wont it rust? i hear all this about not using anything metal in our tanks yet we are putting metal under the soil that we are putting our plants in? please help me out on this one guys.
I am going to do a false bottom. I am going to use that white plastic mesh that you get from home depot in the lighting section and then use craft mesh. You can get it from wal-mart or a craft store. I have never kept frogs or built a vivarium of any kind but I don't think metal is a good idea for the very reason you mentioned.
well my dad does construction and such and he told me that acrylic or fiberglass mesh wasnt a good idea. he said to look for galvanized steel mesh. i have never built a viv before, not as complicated as this. i have grey tree frogd in a ten gallon tank that is planted but the plants are all in little pots. i figured that i could do the same in this tank but i guess. not. my shipment of leca should come tomorrow but ive been sick with tonsillitis so i will probably come home from work and crash.
Did your dad explain why he recommends galvanized metal mesh? Why not even stainless steel as a recommendation? Lots of people use ss steel in the aquarium hobby. I would use vinyl window screen. That's been my choice for years.
Fiberglass window screen is the way to go. We've been using the fiberglass window screen for 8 years without incident.

Galvanizing is a coating (zinc alloy) that is applied to the outer surface. When you cut the metal, you break the galvanizing allowing the underlying metal to become exposed. Unless you have your screen precut to fit and have it galvanized after, you are defeating the purpose.
Yeah, it doesn't really seem better to use a metal mesh. I use the egg crate for mine which is the florescent light deflector mentioned earlier. It's easy to cut and you can get a good volume of water so that you don't have to add water as much. Covering the egg crate I use vinyl window screen. Hope that helps.
oh. well my dad said the stainless steel was the next best to galvanized. i cant seem to find it anywhere. i might just go with the fiberglass screen because its the only thing i can find. im still waiting for my leca to come in the mail.. hopefully soon.

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