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Curing Great Stuff or another form of foam

I just read a thread on this forum that mentioned "I feel sorry for any frog that gets a wiff of "uncured great stuff". I could not find my shopping list when I went to Home Depot today so I picked up some Great Stuff. I just remembered it being mentioned in another thread. Now I see that I should have gotten the foam for ponds (because I want the dark color, not the yellow). I was going to post a question on how to paint the foam but I think I am going to go back and get the Breckens foam. My question is how do I cure the foam? I have heard several mentions of silicone but what kind and how do I do that. Do I coat the entire foam with silicone? I plan on attaching some cork bark and driftwood to the foam. Was I under the right impression that you can attach plants to the cork bark and they will grow?

I going to be putting my tank together this weekend so any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

The foam will cure on it's own. You need to be sure to give it day or two to FULLY cure.
Once the foam is fully cured, then you can apply silicone and embed the coco fiber, if you choose to.

Use aqaurium silicone right? One more question..coconut bark is not the same as coconut fiber right?

You can use aquarium silicone. Depending on where you get it, it can be a little expensive. You want to use 100% silicone with no additives such as mold/mildew inhibitors. We use a food grade silicone that is made by GE. DAP has a line of silicone that works well.

Coconut bark is probably the chunks, coco fiber is ground up, looks like coffee grounds. We have used a mixture, it has a nice affect.

Thanks again for all your assistance. This forum and everyone's responses have made this easy for me. My set up begins this weekend.

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