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Frogs with fish?

I have been looking on here for hours trying to see if I can keep dart frogs with fish has anyone here tried it with success?
Can you recommened which fish are suitable, I was going to have a false bottom with around 5" of water and plenty of sloped side for the frogs to escape, would the fish eat any eggs the frog lays? Thanks,

Hi, welcome to the forum.

How large is your water are of your tank?

If you have a sufficient water area there are some fish that could be kept.

The frogs do not lay their eggs in the water.
If you had frogs breed, and lay eggs, and if the eggs
hatched, and if the parents transported the tadpoles to the water,
it is possible the fish might eat, or at least bother the tadpoles.

However if you have fish, you will most likely have moving water.
In my experience dart frogs will not deposit tadpoles in moving water.


When putting fish in the tank, you have to consider the requirements for not only the frogs but also the fish. What kind of fish are you considering, how many and can they take the possibility of the FF getting in their water and suppliments you dust them with getting into the fish's system. Do you plan on having a fliter system for the fish's water?

Hi, I have kept tropical freshwater fish for many years and am aware of their requirements so will have a filter pump for a stream/waterfall, can you suggest a good filter to use as I will obviously need a very low flow of water? I was thinking some hardy fish like neons as they wont bother any frogs that get into the water and am sure they would leave tadpoles alone if there were any! Thanks for your advice Cindy, I have read so many of your comments and you really know your stuff, might consider a small pond with no running water incase Im lucky! :lol:

The pump/filter will need to be proportional to the size of the tank, and the volume of water.
We prefer to drill the tank and use an external filter/pump.
For small tanks 30 gals and under we use the Zoo Med 501 Turtle filter.
For larger tanks we use the Fluval canister filters. In most cases the 105 is adequate. On a couple of the larger tanks, we have had to step up to the 300 and 400 series.
What size tank are you planning?

I built a tank with a water feature 4-5 years ago. I put 4 danios in it (probably 7 gallons of water). There was a pump working a waterfall, but it hasn't been working for over a year. I just saw the fish today. They just eat the dusted fruit flies. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!


gundog100 Wrote:M

Neons do better in small schools, but that amount of water is not really enough for a small group.

gundog100 Wrote:Bought a couple of broms today but they are really tall and only just fit in, are they all this size as the ones ive seen on here look smaller? Thanks

There are different types/sizes of bromelaids. We have some Neo. 'Lilliputiana' that are only about 3 inches tall.

I have not had much luck with neons lately. I have a 55g aqaurium and purchased 30 neons 3 months ago and I am down to 2. My local fish store said it is hard to get good quality neons right now. I have had a ton of good luck with black neons though.

I was reading not to bother with fish in frog tanks since fish have quite a few diseases that can hurt a delicate frog if they go swimming together, especially fish from your local pet store. Fish can carry tuberculosis, which is sometimes communicable to humans and definitely to your more expensive (and precious :wink: ) frogs. Also, there are a myriad of other nasty fish diseases from lice to bacteria, viruses, etc. It's just a risk you take if you introduce fish since they have sooo many diseases out there.

I have been thinking of doing the same thing. Fish just seem to add another level of life to the viv. I am glad to see that I am not the only one considering this.

How about a betta? They don't need as much water as most other fish because of their labyrinth organ although I wouldn't recommend keeping them in those little bowls they have in the pet shops. If you do get tadpoles however, I think the betta will try to eat them.

i agree with susan. I dont think it is worth the risk. personally, i wouldn't consider it. Then again, i have never lost a dart frog, knock on wood, but i can't even keep a goldfish alive lol. They do bring in diseases and I wouldn't feel comfortable putting in fish to my viv or any other animal except dart frogs. kristy

I would avoid using fish in an enclosure with frogs.

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