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Will increasing wattage increase tank temperature?

I have a pair of 40watt shop lights(I think around 4ft long) on my rack system. Today the sky were a bit cloudy and the temp only got to 70*F... Would increasing it to maybe 60watts get the temp to 78-80? This is a breeder viv with Pumilios so they like the slightly warmer atmosphere.

Hi Slip.
Increasing the wattage will increase the tank temps.
I see you are in Virginia, so keep in mind summer is just around the corner, and even with the pumilio favoring warmer temps, you might be looking for ways to cool the tank down in a few weeks.

I'm curious, where have you found 48" 60 watt flourescent bulbs?

the 48" T5HO bulbs are pretty close to that aren't they. The reflectors on the T5HO fixtures are usually better though, so they would heat the viv more than the wattage would suggest.

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