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My first shot at a vivarium
I just completed setting up my first viv a few minutes ago. I want people's opinion. I think it looks really bland and boring. My friend thinks I should add a piece of driftwood but I think it looks kind of an afterthought. I am going to post pics with and without the wood. Some pics will have the wood in various positions...what do you all think?
Now without the wood
Looks like you are off to a good start.

Do you think the wood is a random afterthought? if you like it, which position looks like it belongs more?
Yes, add the wood! Bury part of it or pile up some substrate against it for less of an afterthought look. Lean the tip against the back and train some of your ficus over it. And I like the diagonal (first) arrangement best.
Good job!

I actually threw this piece of wood on the ground last night until it broke into a natural shape. It looks really cool now. It is smaller and it looks like tree roots growing out of the substrate. I think it looks much better now.
Update on the tank..added some perches on the back and a little pot made out of corkbark for the roots of the creeping fig. The wood piece is much smaller and the leaf litter has been added. Improvement?
I like it, looks simple and creative.
Thank you.
nice terrarium
Wow that came out really nice. I made mine with a 12X12 Rzilla tank which was such a pain in the neck since it was so hard to keep the moisture in. I had to go and buy a glass sheet which worked really well, but unfortunately the day after I put the frog in the tank I asked my aunt to feed my frog and it escaped. So my frog is gone :-( and I have a empty tank that I finally just figured out.
cconstant84 your photos don't show for me. I would love to see your tank.

I ended up tearing this viv down and building a 120g. That 120g is now complete and the 37g (in the pictures) will be rebuilt for 3 Lamasi's around spring of next year.

i know that having showroom vivs are great and lovely looking....but bland is not always bad either. depends i guess on whether or not you are interested in breeding and vending versus just a showpiece. I find that my bland tanks have just as good of breeding as any other tank. Although...if i take the time, i might consider putting a showroom viv in my living room instead of my frog room. Big Grin
But making the tanks pretty is the fun part!! I enjoy having something to obsess over. Big Grin
is it me?i doni see any pics,
The pictures still show up for me but this tank has been torn down and a 120g has been built. This tank will house lamasi next year.

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