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110 Gallon tank - How many Dart Frogs and What kind ?
I bought a 110 gallon tank, it is 4 feet long and 18 inches wide and is very tall. I have all the supplies needed to make my background and the false bottom. What I needed to know however, was how many frogs can I place in my tank? I am using the back and the sides for my background and plants, I know I cannot mix species, but what kind of variety can I have in my tank, or how many types of frogs could I possibly have?
Wow that is a huge tank. I have a 120 with about those same measurements but it is a salt water aquarium. I don't know about the bigger tanks for frogs and what can be kept together. I don't know if the general rule changes with that size set up. I am sure a few of the seasoned folks here will be able to help out. All I would offer as suggestions is do a ton of research on forums and ask a lot of questions.
Hi DartAsh, welcome to the forum.

Sounds like the makings of a great tank!

A group of auratus, leucomelas or galactonotus. They will utilize most if not all of the tank.
As for numbers, a group of 4-6 of these larger sized frogs.

Tricolors would be a possibility also.

That tank would be ideal for some thumbnails. Have you thought about imitators, or ventrimaculatus (aka vents)?

I actually had not thought about Imitators or vents before, I have a huge book about different kinds of Dart Frogs, I will look into it though, thank you!
I think a group of auratus or tincs would work.I looked at galacts and they are hard to find,but if you know where to get them I would go for it.Leucs would be good too.
Did you ever decide on what you are going to put in there?
I've decided on thumbnail frogs, so they can utilize the tank better in height etc. I've just finished the whole Great Stuff foam project on the background, complete with drip wall installation of 9 outlet manifold, water pump and a filtration system. I have also completed the false bottom with eggcrate, pvc pipe, and mesh to cover over it. I will post pictures when I can!

I've already made a tank specifically for growing plants for the terrarium, the sooner I start the better on that. Still looking for the right plants though. Any suggestions for moss? I don't like the look of pillow moss, it seems unnatural for ground cover.
I actually made creeping fig my ground cover in the QT tank. I got a froglet in today (my first frog...i ordered 2 but one died in shipment and he is going to be replaced next week) and he seems to really like getting under the leaves of the creeping fig. Makes me wonder if I should have planted it on the floor of the display viv instead of on the back wall.
Hello everyone! this is my first posting, yes I'm a newbie to this froggy thing. Lots of questions that I'm still wondering about. But first I wanted to upload photos of the new 10 gal Viv I set up this weekend. I'm hoping that those with more experience might offer constructive critism or critique.
At any rate here's a photo of the viv. (i'll post more in my photo gallery)

Now for some of the questions:

1) How long do I wait for the biota in the viv to stabilize, before new frogs can unpack their bags?

2) My original plan was to capture some local tree frogs in my yard, and place them in the new viv as guinea pigs (so too speak) until I get this feeding thing down pat. (i.e. crickets & fruit flys). ... But, upon further consideration, I've begun to wonder if this might possibly introduce harmful problems (i.e. virus) from the locals into the viv that would really be a problem. any thoughts???

3) I'm considering putting a fish (an algae eater) in the water. Any thoughts on whether this is a good/bad idea. also what species fish??

Okay enough for now. Here's a little about the habitat. Leca substrate, covered with coco peat. ... Plantings are Mahogany fern (Didymochlaena lunata) in right rear. Phalaenopsis shilleriana on the cedar plank hanging it the left rear. A paphiopedilum seedling (middle) it's PEOY if you know your orchids. and fittonia in the front right corner.
The viv is located outside in my orchid greenhouse, which has a wet wall for cooling & humidity. It's in full shade, under the eaves of the house only around 500 Footcandles of light. Max temp in Summer is around 96-97 F minimum Winter temp is Low 50's. I've placed a heating pad under the viv for nighttime use mostly in the winters.

Lighting for now is 2 compact florescents (one full spectrum Repti-Light 5 tropical and one 26watt CF) I'm reading 2,600 FC's under the Repti-light and 1,600 FC's under the 26w CF. this should be about right for the orchids I've planted. Pump/filtration is external to the viv. ...
Those temps are way too hot for dart frogs. Pums like it up to the low 80s, but most frogs prefer below 80 degrees.

Also, do not put in other frogs temporarly, as they could disease the viv. Better to wait until you are fully ready for the dart frogs. You might want to read up on quarantine procedures also. This helps ensure that your frogs are healthy when added to your viv.

I do not see much in the way of hiding spots in your viv. Many people use a half of a coconut shell with a door way, as a hiding spot. Also driftwood can be used.
mentat7, I see that you have a clay pot in your viv. I've heard that those things carry lead in them (someone correct me if i'm wrong), and will be harmful to your frogs down the road.

dartash, any pics of your 110g viv yet?
first thank-you brett & andred82 for you comments:

Yes Brett, I made a typo error, about the Summer time high temps. ... I was thinking about the outdoor Summer highs during the brutal months of June, July, August & September here in Florida. When it's say 96 degrees outside it usually runs around 90 degrees in the orchid house and maybe a few degrees cooler in the shade. ... and Yes, I may end up having to bring the terrarium inside the house for the Summer. ... my wife will love that plan Sad ... I've been monitoring the temps during the day in the new viv it's in the low 80's outside here. It was 86 officially at the airport here in Gainesville for a high today. The Max temp recorded in the Viv today was 82.4 .... the low in the viv over the past 24 hours was 72 .... Right now, at 9 PM it's 75 outside; and 72 in the greenhouse & 78 in the Viv with both compact flourescents on! ....

andred82 wow lead in clay pots, what new way will the think of next to poison us? Are you sure that isn't just a concern for glazed pottery???

jezz banned anti-biotics in our shrimp from Thailand, mercury in our tuna fish and now excess levels of lead in clay pots, good grief what's next ???

Okay next question, I used some clear liquid nails cement to glue some mondo grass to a rock, judging from the label these solvents look pretty toxic. I've let the glue air-dry and now I'm soaking the grass in some de-clorinated water. Do I put it in the Viv???? or try a different tack with another clump of grass???
I would not use anything with "liquid nails" in the viv. Stick to 100% silicone for your attaching needs in the viv.

Having a viv in the house is great. I have a 40 gallon viv in our bedroom, about 1' from my bed. I do not know why your wife would be bothered by it. Mine has never had a problem with it.
andred82vert Wrote:mentat7, I see that you have a clay pot in your viv. I've heard that those things carry lead in them (someone correct me if i'm wrong), and will be harmful to your frogs down the road.
I don't think you have anything to worry about. If that were the case, I doubt cichlid breeders would use them.

I second what Brett said about the Liquid Nails.
Thanks guys & gals, you've help me prevent yet another foul up, I'll use silicone this time or mono-filament line. I use the liquid nails all the time to glue orchids onto wooden mounts, etc. and it was just lying around handy at the time. ...

Todays weather report for gainesville, FL

We had an offical high of 88 degrees for nearly 4 hours at the airport.
reading from the viv were as follows:
Temp (F) Humidity %
High 81.6 91%
Low 69 47%
water temp=78

I'm so excited, I'm going to pick-up the froglets Sunday Big Grin
3 years later.....just checking as to how the OP and "Mentat7" have come along with their respective builds.

It would be cool to see them post back with a bunch of new Vivs and Frogs.

We can hope !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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