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Dartfrog Depot Frog Availability
Now Available/Coming Soon:

Dendrobates tinctorius

Brazilian Yellow Head Cobalt (adults) $55 ... C02425.JPG

Surinam Cobalts (sub-adults) $45
Citronella (in water now)
Saul Yellow Back (in water now)
Powder Blue (in water now)

Dendrobates auratus

Panama $35 (froglets)
Green and Bronze (tads in water now)
Blue (tads in water now)

Dendrobates imitator/intermedius

Imitator (adult) $60
Intermedius (adult) $75

Dendrobates Galactonotus

Orange (in water now)

Dendrobates lamasi

Green leg (adults and sub-adults) $50

Dendrobates pumilio

Man-Creek (froglets) $100 ... CN4321.JPG

Shepherd Isle (in water now)


Phyllomedusa bicolor

Adult Female $120 ... CN3808.JPG

Overnight shipping ~$30 to most areas.
Will be attending NAAC in June.

hi i just wanted to know if you guys might know where to find an adult male azureus or maybe a mint teribillis?
Hello Chris. I'm looking to purchase some sexed or already breeding pairs of Dendrobates. More specifically i'm looking for pairs of:
D. auratus (Costa Rican Morph)
D. leucomelas (regular or banded).

If you have any tinc pairs available, please let me know, I may be interested.

Thank you and you can email me at
Do you have a proven female intermedius for sale?

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