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Background ideas ?
I see most people use expandable foam/fern panels as background, can I use bark collected from the forest in my viv as long as I boil it for a while first or is it more likely to go mouldy ?
I think that is a great idea!
Kind of a twist on corkbark.
What kind of tree bark are you thinking of using?

You might check out this post, as this is very similar to what Alex did for one of his tanks.
I dont know what type of tree it is from? The other thing is I note in your comments you say he is from Mexico City so a similar climate. I am in rainy London so have doubts about whether or not my moss will stay alive as it will be too humid inside the viv?
I don't really think that where you are from matters. I have taken lots of different types of trees to glue to the back of my vivs.

I have taken pine bark and don't even boil it, just let it dry or remove the slugs and stick it on the foam while it's expanding and that's it. I have taken tropical woods and have had good success.

I have also taken rocks covered with moss and installed them in the viv with good results.

I don't boil them because that would kill any moss the wood might have, if it doesn't have anything living, then there is no problem on baking it.

These pieces of wood look great, lasts a very long time and I still haven't seen a drawback to using them.

The last pieces I used I got out of a massive fallen pine, so the bark was very thick, left it out to dry and installed it in the viv. Other times I pass a log through the bandsaw and take the exterior part only, and end up with something flat on the back and with natural bark on the other.
I have read that you can just put your bark in a black plastic bag, tie it tight, and leave it in the sun about a week. The heat will kill anything not wanted.

I have a question about cork bark. If I have a waterfall in my tank, will it hurt the bark if water is continiosly running over it.?
I have water constantly pouring down my corkbark and so far so good. I see no deterioration at all.
Has anyone else tried using bark? Would bark off trees in central NY work? I mean I'm living on 5 acres of forest here. But I don't want to put some bark in my first Viv and have it mold or something.

Common backgrounds are:

1. Great Stuff / Expanding Foam (good for larger tanks)

2. ABG type soil mix, saturated and pressed (works best for smaller tanks)

3. Kitty Litter or variations of clay types

4. Flat cork - probably the easiest.

5. Faux tree panel - usually press-boarded over cork. Commercially available (exoterra and zoomed) and easy to buy and use.

6. Ecco Web, Epiweb or any of that Plastic scrubber pad stuff

7. Or even....none!

Easiest is best for the new hobbyist.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Is krylon fusion ok to use in our Vivs? I use it alot for my Reef tanks. I figured if I can use it there it should be ok in my Vivs.... right????

I did use the search and found nothing. On this forum atleast. I dont really go to the other forums anymore.
hmmm....the paint ? I would not use it - that's just me though.

occasionally I see people wanting to paint "stuff" and I always wondered why ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I want to paint some film canisters black. I want to have 2 black ones 1 white one. I have 3 white ones. Yes im being cheap I know lol.
wow...wait until you get some black ones.....I would NEVER try to paint a film can. That's asking for trouble IMO

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
LOL. ok. Just wasnt sure if it was ok to use it all...for anything.
dude, go to CVS and ask the photolab if they have some black ones, my gf just stopped at the one in Camp Hill and picked up about 30 a few weeks back, she said they had a lot more. I have about 30 black and 15 white currently, so if you cant find any just give me a shout.
It is indeed hit or miss....the Walmart on the Carlisle pike sometimes has a rich supply....other times, not.

Try the Camera store near the Bubba's breakaway in Lemoyne...also the Camera store across from Red Slobster on da pike.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Ok I'll check around. Thanks guys. Craig I might be hitting u up for some in a week or 2 if I cant find any.
hahaha...he said slobster

Yeah they are all hit or miss, but there has to be 5+ places that have them within 5 miles of you Schreff...
Ok cool. I'll look around this week when it isnt freakin raining.... Gives me an excuse to ride the bike haha.

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