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What type of water to mist with ?
For daily Vivarium misting, is it best to use bottled spring water or the water from within the viv already (water feature) ?
I would use fresh water, and not try to recylce water in the vivarium.
One purpose of misting is to 'rinse' the vivarium, and by using water that is in the vivarium you are using 'dirty' water to rinse the vivarium.
Thanks Cindy, so do you mean spring water or tap water?
I use distilled water. Others use reverse osmosis. Tap water can be used, but it needs to be treated for chlorine and such before use.
We prefer to use R/O water to mist with.
Our tap water has a very high PH and leaves water spots.
I also use RO/DI water.
i have heard that RO water is actually starved for minerals and that it will "take" them from your frogs if misted. is this true? i have an RO system in my house but im afraid to use that water!
I use spring water to mist has to actually say "spring water only" on the bottle. Distilled does lack important minerals and is very safe to use for misting the Viv. If you are afraid to use RO water.....use spring water from store....just a couple bucks now and then for a bottle - not too much to spend for the health of your frogs.
kristy55303 Wrote:spring water.....has to say actual spring water only on bottles is great also to use. Distilled does sometimes lack important minerals and is very safe. If you are afraid to use ro water.....use spring water from store...just a couple bucks now and then for a bottle. not much to spend for the health of your frogs.

Spring water, distilled water, RO water are equally fine. The point is SANITARY filtered, sterilized water versus chemical-laden tap water. If you properly supplement your flies with vitamin and calcium while feeding to the frogs, the minerals they get from the water are negligible----plus many 'big name' spring waters are RO filtered anyway.
We use filtered rainwater.
I think you'll find that everyone will use different water...R.O, Distilled, Tap, Spring.

No right or wrong. The only difference is that harder water is going to leave some mineral deposits (white crud) on some parts of the glass ect.

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