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Collection for sale

Well this is hard to do but sometimes life gets tough.
Im trying for local sale first due to most pumilio having eggs, tads, or froglets in the tanks. All frogs bought locally will come with the tanks (20-30 gallon).

1.2 Proven Bri Bri $650 Eggs and tads in tank
1.1 Proven Colon $600 Fully formed tads in eggs about to hatch proven by high respected previous owner
1.1 Darklands $600 Seen transporting tads
1.1.1 Man Creeks $250 have a half grown froglet in tank and seen transporting again
0.2 Adult proven Escudos $250 each
2.1.2 Basti $350 Orange parents, white and red froglets, about to transport more tads
2.1 Proven Yellow Fants $800 Proven by high respected previous owner
1.1.1 Solarte $600 have transported more tads
2.1 Cayo De Aqua $600 proven and have been seen transporting tads
1.1.2 or 3 Popa Very proven with more tads transported
5 Mossy tree frogs sub adult/adult with tank and filter
5 sub adult Banded Leucs $250
3 adult unsexed spotted Leucs $200

I have much more i will be adding as i can. Email or PM for pics, please only if serious buyers.

I am interested in some of your frogs and wouldlike to come and see them, what county are you in? Do you have any pics because one of my friends is also interested.

Any chance you would be willing to sell any tads? I live right in South Carolina and will be willing to meet and pick some up.



Any chance you still have the mossies and one might be a female?

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