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Adult azureus pairs
I have three adult pairs of azureus for sale, local pickup in South Florida area for now but will consider shipping.

1.1 D. azureus= 150$ for the pair

From Sean Stewart's stock. Fine spotted male + unrelated female azureus (apprx 3 years old and breeding regularly).

2.2 D. azureus= 75$ per pair

F1's from the above parents (apprx 2 years old and breeding healthy froglets).

Also have at least 12 azureus juveniles (2-3 months) available for 15$ each.

Will include tanks with adult pairs, priority will be given to local delivery or pickup in the south Florida area.

Also for sale:

1.1.1 D. auratus= Green & Black, Costa Rican (no breeding but male calls regularly) 100$

0.2.2 D. galactonotus= red form from Saurian Enterprises, females are at least 3 years old, unsexed frogs are about 1 year.= 200$

1.2 D. leucomelas= banded and "green foots" least 3 years old, irregular breeders but male calls often. 150$

email me at or PM for my cell phone number.
Hi i was just wondering about the second part of your ad. Are you doing 2 pairs for 75 each? Also how much would it be to ship a pair
I am very interested in buying several of these frogs. Are they still available? Have tried pm- ing and emailing you about these several times. Please let me know either way if sold or still available.

I will be in the Fort Myers area next weekend.
I may be interested in one of the Azeurus pairs.... Where is south Florida are you located.

I am extremely interested in your frogs and wanted to see if we coudl set something up for shipping. I was wondering if we can do something where I order 4 D. azureus froglets and maybe the pair of D. leucs or D. auratus. Would you consider shipping then?

Please let me know.

Thank you very much,

Craig P. O'Connell (

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