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Tank Accident

So I was moving my tank around to do the background dirt fill ins when it fell over from the weight (I couldn't hold it much longer) and the whole back now has cracks running through it. But the cracks are deep, the foam from Great stuff and the tank frame is holding it together. Thankfully only the back broke, but how can I fix it? Is there a substance to fill in the cracks in the back? All the cracks run from the middle to the right, not all over the back. I don't want to waste the tank, None of the broken shards of glass could get through to the inside of the tank, there is at least 4 inches of Great stuff above the cracks.

I am already going to cry, this has been a lot of work only to have the back break. ;_;

*Edit* I forgot that before I put on the Great Stuff foam, I put a 1/4 inch layer of black silicone, I checked the cracks where there is pressure point break, there are only 2 and they are minor (meaning they did not give in to pressure much at all. Still thinking about this, I am a bit devastated -_-

OMG is this the 110g tank? I don't know if you can fill the glass in but you might be able to contact a glass shop and ask them.

I was looking at the glass and noticed that it is about 1.3 inches thick or so, would windshield glass repair work?

I found this at advance auto parts: ... yCode=3239

It's a flowable silicone, I think that's pretty good for long cracks, just a thought.

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