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IF mixing species, what would be the best ?
Now I know there is a lot of controversy on this subject.I probably won't attempt it, but if I do, what species gets along best with a Dendrobates auratus- blue and black morph ?
Not a good idea due to disease and enclosure issues. Here is a link that will surprise you. ... 3&topic=51
I am very new here but from what I hear, it is not good to mix two different frog species or even morphs together to breed.
you are is very frowned upon to interbreed in this hobby. hope that helps and was what you were looking for in an answer.
kristy Big Grin
dartfrog12 Wrote:D.auratus blue and black

Another blue and black auratus is the best advice I would advocate.
same here...i have seen some people put tincs in their tanks with thumbs as well but i wouldn't reccommend it at all. I think you should just stick with more of the same auratus that you have. besides....they are a beautiful aurautus.....and if you have a large enough viv.....they do well in groups most of the time. Big Grin

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