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auratus toes stuck together
Sometimes my auratus toes stick together, is this normal ?

Dunno if I would use the word "normal" but you could say that it's not....uncommon. I had one such frog. No problems or issues with this - they get on fine and breed very well too. I think some people attribute the fused toes to a vitamin issue -possible deficiency.

Whatever you do, I would not try to cut or otherwise separate the toes. You'll most likely do more harm than good.
^^ Agree. +1

I had an azureus with fused front toes. No problems whatsoever.

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I gave a cobalt to a friend a few years ago, and just recently he discovered his vitamins were WAY expired and noticed a couple of the front toes stuck together. As mentioned, the cobalt looks, eats, and acts great except for that.
Scott Bryant
Can be a sign of vit A deficiency.

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That's what I have always heard, vit A.
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