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Tank might be back on track
Well, I tried an epoxy for the glass and it's holding up well, when I push in there is no "give" on it. But to be safe I also used flowing silicone. So tonight I'll start on the rest of the dirt fill in, and yay I found plants at a nursery with exotic species of epiphytes and bromeliads!
I don't know if you are going to have a water feature in your tank or not but have you filled it with water (to whatever water level it will be at when completed) to make sure there are no leaks?
Not yet, I will be after the dirt fill in though, I'm only going to have the equivalent of maybe 20 gallons worth of water and it's being distributed, keep in mind that there is a thick layer of silicone already inside the tank on three sides, but I shall test it out in a few days when I'm done with the dirt.

Did I mention I picked up an Auratus and Leucomela at the Pittsburgh reptile show from a breeder for $84...I was shocked, they look in great health and are very active, they are liking my froggie nursery ^_^
Congrats on your frogs. Post pics if you get a chance.

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