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Big tank, what is the best bulbs and lighting ?
I have a 110 gallon, it's tall, about 4 feet long and 2 feet tall. I'm having a variety of different plants and I am awfully confused on what kind of lighting is needed for everyone (including frogs) to be happy.

I keep getting different answers about what is the right bulb to use etc, but frankly I would like some clearer answers than some petshop guys I've been talking to.
A common and cheap answer to your lighting question would be to go get "Shop Lights" from Home Depot or Lowes. I specifically refer to a standard 4 foot long T8 - Electronic Ballast with 2 fluorescent bulbs. (T8 is the size of bulb). This fixture does not usually include bulbs and runs between $20-$30.

"Daylight" bulbs should be used as they are the correct color spectrum (6700k) for plants to grow and can be found for ~$6 for a 2 pack. UV lighting is not necessary for frogs, in fact the frogs do not necessitate lighting - as opposed to many reptiles who required UV to survive.

other options are available:
Just wondering, would the Flora-Glo bulb work in a terrarium as large as mine? Or should I stick with the day glow bulbs from Home Depot work better for growth of plants? The Flora-Glo only outputs 2800 K but stimulates photosynthesis for plant growth (apparently).
The Flora-Glo bulbs are not neccessary, and you will get good plant growth with the full spectrum bulbs.

As 311 Dart mentioned, the power compacts would be a good alternative. Keep in mind that you might have problems with the PC's increasing your tank temperature.
HO T-5s are another option. They can be a little more, but they are worth it in energy consumption. Here is some info AJC posted on Frognet:

Comparison of lumen/watt (very rough):
T5 90
T8 80: 20% of the input energy converted into light
Metal halide 60
CF 50
Mercury vapour 40
LED 25: Modern lamps over 100 but these are very expensive
Halogen 20
Incandescent 15, depending on power (7 for 15W, 20 for 300W):
Typically 5% of the input energy converted into light

So, for watts per lumens, your best bet is T-5s. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!
Thanks so much for the clarification, I will get the "daylight" bulbs 311 suggested, they seem more around my budget range and provide the light I'm looking for. Big Grin
Glad to help. I think you will be very pleased with those. We use them on all of our breeder tanks.
I am glad to have helped! Good Luck and post some pics!

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