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Silicone - getting it off the glass ?

I was doing touch-ups on my tank, and began scraping off the silicone on the side on the glass, but there is a residue that is really hard to get off, what is the best way to remove the residue without it leaving this greasy look to it?

Any advice is appreciated ^_^

*silicone has been cured for 2 weeks

Try using a single edge razor blade to scrape it. It will take a little work, but that should do the trick.

As long as it is glass you can use a razor blade with great success. You will still have to be careful as you can etch the glass to the point you leave a scratch. I have an acrylic tank and had to pretty much rub it off the side before it dried.

a razor blade paint scraper works well.

razor blade works well

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