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my first batch of eggs!!! woohoo
So i bought this proven pair of azureus a few months back and yesterday, (the hottest day of the year so far in Cali) they laid their first batch for me! Now, im planning on taking the eggs out of the viv and raising them mysef.

what humidity % and temperature do i need to keep developing eggs in?
do they need a lot of air circulation?

i was planning on putting the eggs inside a platic box with lid and moss for the bottom to keep the humidity as high as possible. The temp would be mid to high 70s.
Congrats on the eggs!

As for the temp, it sounds fine, we keep our eggs at room temps (68-78).
We usually add a little water to a deli cup, place the petri dish in the deli cup, add a little water to the eggs, not enough to cover them , just to keep them moist, and cover with the lid.

How many eggs did she lay, how many look good?
She laid 9 eggs and all of them look good except for two. I'll know for sure when i move them tonight 8)
The female laid 9 eggs, and ONE went bad.
Tonight, one of the tadpoles broke out of its egg sack. The rest should be out tomorrow or the day after. When do i start........
1. Feeding them with fish flakes?
2. Separating them in different containers?
Sounds like things are moving along nicely.

We will usually wait until all of the tadpoles have broke out of the egg, then while they are still on the petri dish, and the deli cup, we will increase the amount of water. After it appears they are free swimming, we will gently pour the contents of the petri dish into the deli cup and increase the water a little more. At this point we will add some java moss and tadpole powder. The tadpoles will remain in the deli cup for 2 to 3 days. When it appears they are able to swim with no problems we will them transfer them to individual jars. Each tadpole gets a jar, that we have added java moss and about 2" of water to start out. They will get one more feeding of tadople powder. After this, then they will be fed on Tadpole Bites and flaked food. Water changes as necessary, and we will increase the water volume until they are in about 3 inches of water.

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