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Dirt clogging up everything
I filled in my tank with dirt and started up the water part. But the dirt has clogged everything in my filter and pump, what is the best way to clean this out? I thought I had vacuumed out as much of the dirt as I could, but I was definitely wrong, plus the dirt from the other end of the tank is leaking into the water feature, not sure how to prevent this, I put a stone wall up, but it seems to be not enough. I've begun taking a fish net and pulling dirt out, but it never seems to end!

Help =(
What kind of "dirt" are you using for the substrate? Is this over leca, gravel, eggcrate? Any pictures?
The "dirt" is coco fiber mix. Layer 1 is eggcrate, layer 2 mesh, layer 3 leca, layer 4 mesh, layer 5 coco fiber mix. I figured out that my eggcrate broke off where it would normally block off the water, so I have fixed that part, but trying to drain out the water is a little difficult and it's a rustic color.

I do not have pictures, my ex took my camera, still trying to get another one.
So, it sounds like you fixed the problem with your pump. Your layer 5, which is straight coco fiber could be a problem in the future. Straight coco tends to hold a lot of water. You might try mixing it with some charcoal and ground up leaf litter or some spaghum moss. These things tend to let the water drain a little better.
Thanks, will get some leaf litter and spaghum moss for the cocofiber.

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