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blue auratus for sale
male. over one year old not sure exactly. 40 bucks obo. buyer pays shipping but pick up is preferred.

some calling heard.

[Image: 012.jpg]
[Image: 010.jpg]
[Image: 005.jpg]
Is the color accurate in the first picture or the second and third? and is he still available?
yes. those are all the same frog, that is the exact frog for sale. still up for grabs, i really need to find him a good home.
I'm very interested please email me
Just wondering if you have found a buyer yet.
i may have... its going to the highest how interested are you?
Unfortunately you would have to ship to me in Florida, but definitely will pay $40 plus shipping for this guy, if he's still available. I keep looking at the pictures. Smile
I'm anticipating going to this years MWFF, which I attended last year, so
I'm sending this inquiry out to anyone that may be interested in selling a
12 to 14mth old pair of azureus's, which I could then pick up at the event. No fuss no muss.
I could possibly include a male or two Blk/Grn auratus in the mix if that
would be of any interest or value.
I've used the past year to take several things into consideration, and
having taken one hobby to an extreme, which then tends to stretch the
definition, I don'tplan to duplicate that. I can see myself continuing on "IF", I can find some success, then deal with the failures instead of
visa versa. Translated into, obtaining a "pair" and then get lucky enough go full circle from eggs to juveniles in year. Thats marginal, maybe
realistic with some luck, which I almost have none. I'm putting a couple offers of "other" pairs on the back burner for now, mainly because I like
BIG, my daughter likes BLUE go figure. I've also seen the Grn/Blk auratus, so I may have a little leaway there, :-) So if your interested or know of someone who might be, please pass this along,and hopefully I can pick them up at the MWFF.
Don Mortenson
Rock Island, IL.

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