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Rectal Prolapse

I recently had an incident involving rectal prolapse in one of my Azureus froglets. Quite literally, his rectum looked like it was falling out of his back side! I first noticed something wasn't right after a feeding one day. He had eaten a little more than his share of fruit flies and my guess is some of the bedding material too. About an hour after feeding, he jumped into the water dish and proceeded to defecate. It took him about ten minutes to complete his business and, after another minute, he slowly came out of the water dish. I noticed that his rectum looked like it was protruding out. It was obviously bothering him. He was rubbing at it with his hind legs, and he reduced his activity to a minimum. After consulting some fellow froggers who had experienced the same symptoms, I decided to keep a close eye on him for the next few hours and let nature take its course. Luckily, his rectum shrunk back in. I was given all sorts of advice on treatments from preperation H to sugar on the rectum. All of which had worked for others and their subjects; Although I would caution using these methods before getting the OK from your local vet first. Better safe than sorry!


New to Dart Den but i had a similar experience with some Red-eyes I had. It can also be GI parasites. I used Ivermectin and the frogs all got better. I only tried this after I had one die from this.


i had this happen to a P. Terriblis of mine, I noticed it during the morning, and i checked on him an hour or so later and it had disappeared.


That is the same thing I experienced, it came and went.

Has anyone on here ever used any of these 2 methods.
if so, how do you apply them ?


Hi. I just recently joined in an effort to learn what may be wrong with a 4+ years old powderblue tinc that I have. She has been fine for the 4+ years I've had her. The last few days, she has been acting lathargic and appeared to be constipated. Since she is in a tank with a few other male tincs, I errored on the side of caution and quarentined her. Tonight when I checked up on her, she appeared to be losing her insides through her rectum. There have been no changes with the tank environment, nor have I changed or introduced anything new into her diet. The other frogs appear fine. She has been laying eggs for the last few years from time to time, none of which have resulted in tadpoles. While I have various dart frogs at this point, I must admit I am a bit partial toward her since she was my first dart. Any ideas as to the problem (I have little knowledge in the area of frog diseases and the like and luckily have not had to know much about them previously!), and if there is anything I can do, it would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Todd,
it does sound like rectal prolapse.

You can try soaking her in a solution of 1 tablespoon of sugar to 1 cup of water. Mix this solution and let it adjust to room temprature. Place the frog in a small container that has enough of this solution in it so she can stand and soak her rectum. Leave her in the soluton for about a half hour. You will probably need to repeat this once a day for a few days until you see the tissue retracting.

If this doesn't work, it will need to pushed back in place. This might best be done by a vet.

Thanks for the info. Cindy. As of this time, she appears better and she no longer has anything unusual coming out of her. I actually didn't have to use the sugar water mixture, she got through it on her own. Thanks again. Also, thought I'd update you on the Intermedius pair that I bought from you last year at IAD...they continue to be prolific breeders. At this point, I have three froglets (great coloring like the parents!), with 18 tadpoles at various stages. And more eggs were just laid this week! Now all I have to do is find some interested buyers/traders, once I keep a few for myself!

I'm glad to hear the she healed without your intervention.

That is fantastic that the intermedius have been so prolific for you! Congrats!

Will you be attending IAD?

Yes, I do plan on attending. See you there I assume?

I won't be able to make it this year, so I'll leave it up to you to have fun for both of us!

I have had this issue twice in the last month or so with one of my yellow Galacts. I notices a pinkish bulge coming from my frogs rectum. The frog seemed to recover fine on its own within a few hours after it was discovered. I did start feeding bean beatles a few days before the first protrusion was noticed. Has this ever been linked to parasites?

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