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Can she still produce eggs?

I could use your infinite wisdom on this one.....

I have a 3.5 yr. old Azureus female that I purchased as part of a proven pair approximately 1.5 years ago. She produced eggs steadily for the first six months, although most of the tads ended up with SLS. Other times a lot of the tads died because I raised them communally and didn't realize that they were susceptible to tad on tad violence (I know better now).

I've moved a couple of times and had to disrupt their environment, so I understood when they stopped mating. I've been in my place for approximately 7 months now, but being as aggressive as she is, she stressed out her mate and he recently passed 2 months ago . Prior to that, I did seperate the two for awhile and tried the wet /dry season thing. My question is, after almost a year of inactivity and at her age, can she still produce offspring and should I purchase an adult male for her to mate with? Also, do female frogs fall out of love with their mates after a period of time together and prefer a new mate?

Hi Mike,
welcome to the forum.

I would find her a mate, and go for it.

I don't know if they 'fall out of love', I think they are 'hard wired' to breed, and if they conditions are right they will.

some can be reluctant breeders. hope you were right on the sexes. Female to female likely causes aggression although some can be seen in rare instances with a sexed pair. If you see a male not compatible with her and is not doing well....remove at once. Also....females can breed for 10+ years. she is perfect age to breed right now. Make sure you use a double suppliment in her feedings to reduce chances of spindly leg and i would buy her a mate if i were you, just watch her behavior closely. You'll know if they are compatible if they hang out together, male does not hide too much, and do not compete over food, and no aggression.....they should eat food together compatibly. Try to get a male that is 2 years old, prime for mating with a three year old. kristySmile

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